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A door key is a daily companion of any person. Most of us have experienced issues with a badly turning key, hard-to-open door or malfunctioning key fob. This often happens because the copy is made on low-grade hardware and does not precisely match the original. If you need a duplication service, entrust the job to the professionals at your local London company. You can order a high-quality fob by calling us at 02038973393 or by submitting the online application form. The dispatcher will get back to you in a matter of seconds! Manufacture of a door key of any type is one of the main directions of our company.Do not put the safety of your premises and the safety of your loved ones into the hands of dubious locksmith companies in London. Most often, they use improvised methods for making a copy and know very little about professional equipment. Turning to us is the best way to get a duplicate key fob which works perfectly and lasts for a long time. The fob we make will be just as reliable as the original key issued by the official manufacturer.



In our work, we use modern copying machines for English profile devices, special equipment for safe duplicates, copying machines for laser copies and electronic workbenches. Such equipment enables us to create high-tech duplicates for vehicles, cylindrical locks, etc. Our company has been successfully producing duplicates for a long time. The vast experience and high qualifications of our staff allow for a high-quality and reliable service. Direct partnership with the numerous locks manufacturing companies allows for cutting the prices down. We have gained a reputation as a trustworthy company that always fulfils its obligations. Our numerous clients are not only accustomed to trusting our company but also recommend us to their friends and relatives. We guarantee competitive rates.

 If you wish, we will undertake post-warranty obligations. Professionalism and honesty distinguish our team from other companies.


Customer Reviews

Customers Reviews

The service was excellent, very good gentleman arrived 20 minutes after the call, he was nice and professional and managed to open the lock without damaging my door. Fast and quality work. Thank you.
Jackson Walker
Really fast and reliable. Effectively - a reliable company. They were responsive from start to finish. Cautious handling of a catastrophic situation. I will definitely recommend them, as they do not require the cost of services rendered.
Chloe Addison
I had to call the locksmith when the old lock of my door finally broke down. The service was of high quality and very fast, and most importantly - at a reasonable price. The guy who arrived was unusually good and very qualified. Thank you for the excellent and efficient service.
Luke Owen
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