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An EAC in the entrances of London apartment buildings is the best means of protecting residents from uninvited guests. The probability of strangers gaining entry is very small; only those who have a special key for the intercom can easily get inside. In all other cases, it is necessary to contact the residents of the required apartment by intercom and ask them to open the front door. Production of a key fob EAC is one of our main areas of expertise. The installation of an EAC in the building involves making key sets in large quantities; usually, one for each tenant of the building and the concierge, plus a few more spare ones. A unique code is recorded on the fob, which is read by the controller when it comes into contact with the magnetic key. If the number combination matches, the door unlocks automatically.

But what to do if you have lost your copy for the EAC system? What if the circuit board of the electronic key fails from an unexpected power surge or the key itself breaks due to a direct mechanical impact? It is an unpleasant situation being unable to enter the property due to a lost key and having to bother the neighbours all the time asking them to let you inside. How about a new family member who also requires a key to the house? In such a case, it is a lot more practical to acquire a duplicate copy than multiple people using a single key. It’s better to play it safe and have a spare key set made in advance, so it is readily available when the situation calls for it.ьDo not put the safety of your premises and the safety of your loved ones into the hands of dubious locksmith companies in London. Most often, they use improvised methods for making a copy and know very little about professional equipment. Turning to us is the best way to get a duplicate key fob which works perfectly and lasts for a long time. The fob we make will be just as reliable as the original key issued by the official manufacturer. Unlike a car key, it doesn’t take much time to make the key to the EAC system. There is no need for visits to the object, there is no need to make the fob according to the lock; everything is much simpler. All that’s needed is an original functioning key from which we retrieve the code. Then, using professional equipment, we transfer it onto an empty magnetic disc. That’s it, the duplicate is ready for use.


A modern car key with a chip is not at all the same iron blank it was before. For example, in the old days, if you lost your key, it was possible to open the trunk lock with a neighbour’s key. Starting the engine, required even less effort; you just connected the two wires under the starter. Nowadays, because most cars are equipped with an immobilizer, a modern anti-theft system, this is simply impossible to imagine. Implementing an immobilizer was a significant step in the fight against car thefts around the world. Security systems are modified and improved every year. Making a chip key for a car involves writing a unique password on it, which is read upon contact with the thread inside the lock.

However, it should be remembered that reliable anti-theft systems have their drawbacks; advanced technologies cause more difficulties for the car owners who have lost the electronic car key. Back in the days, when the owner for any reason required a duplicate copy or repair of the immobilizer, it was necessary to contact the manufacturer or dealer and wait a long time for the delivery of the factory-made key. In addition, this was a rather expensive service. Today, the services for duplicating the smart key are widespread and available in many London areas. To get a spare key set, just bring the original key to our workshop, and in a few minutes, you will receive the duplicate which is ready for use. If the original car key is not available because it is lost or broken, the specialist will come to the location of your car in London and unlock the system. Then we will use the image of your car lock to make a new key. Also, we can reprogram the immobilizer if there is a suspicion that the key was stolen. Remember, producing a car key with a chip is an extremely delicate and responsible task. It is impossible to complete without professional equipment, significant experience and skills. Any intervention into the security system may lead to complete blocking of the car. Improper repair of a chip key will cause a headache, wasted time and money. We recommend you let your local London specialists handle the task of repairing an electronic key, thus avoiding all the possible troubles. First, the expert will program the chip, then sharpen the key bits, and lastly, he will bind the buttons using special software. Our equipment allows us to repair the immobilizer in a short time while preserving all of its functionality. We guarantee the customers full compliance with privacy and data security policies.


No matter how popular bank cells for keeping valuable things become, for the London residents, the question of the security still remains very important. It is a common belief that it is safer to keep the valuables nearby. That is why most families decide to purchase a safe for their house, apartment or mansion. Conscious owners of the safes immediately order spare key sets. And rightly so; there are hundreds of examples when a high-quality safe could not be opened without an original master key no matter the effort, preventing the owners from accessing the valuables and causing a lot of trouble and headache. It is surprising that in such a situation, many still turn to improvised methods for opening the safes, forgetting about the risks associated with such actions; any manipulation with the lock can lead to a security system of the safe completely blocking all the features of the product. If this happens, any possibility of the non-destructive opening is reduced to a zero. Add to this an increased cost of service for correcting the faulty actions, and you will definitely regret the decision you have made. The best course of action is to get a spare key immediately with the purchase of a new safe.

Entrust duplicating the safe key only to the professionals of the local London company that has extensive experience in the business. Focus on the other services it provides: can the locksmith restore, for example, a car key with a chip? Pay attention to the quality of the equipment in the workshop; study customer reviews. The functionality of the finished product depends on the quality of the equipment and source codes. If you do the research, you will find out that our branches are located in many areas of London, and the workshops are equipped with the most reliable and modern equipment. That is why we do not offer our clients anything other than high-quality duplicates that will serve for a long time. Residents from all over the city turn to us for the professional service: some need help with replacing the lock, others have lost the key or only looking to get a spare set. Professional production of the duplicates from high-quality blanks is just one of the areas of service that we can offer you. Our team geographically covers London and the suburbs.

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