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Every day, each of us opens different locks many times found on the doors of the apartments, cars, mailboxes and furniture cabinets. We do this automatically, without paying much attention to a small part of every lock – the key. Everyone begins to understand the importance of this object after the key is lost, and it becomes necessary to make a duplicate. The “Company Name” team offers its clients the manufacture of various keys in the city of Birmingham.


Our company has been engaged in the business of producing duplicate keys of all types for over 8 years. The team consists of experienced specialists who do their job quickly and efficiently. The desire to fulfil our obligations and constant effort to achieve the best results have made us the top competitor in the area! You will get your new copy of the key on the same day you contact us. All questions arising from the manufacture of keys are resolved on the spot. Our assortment is large and diverse. We offer the manufacture of keys for a variety of purposes near you:

  1. Keys for any front and interior doors.
  2. Keys for intercoms.
  3. Keys for cars of both domestic and foreign manufacture.

By contacting us, you will get reliable, high-quality service at affordable and reasonable prices. All key types are produced on modern equipment using appropriate methods. We provide a guarantee on every key we make. Often, there are discounts for large orders. We assure you that the keys we make will perfectly fit your door lock. Our team strives to provide quality service and values the reputation we have earned. You will receive a key copy which exactly matches the original!


In addition to all the variety of keys, our company also offers you the manufacture of a car key. We can duplicate a key regardless of whether it is a car of foreign or domestic origin. If you lose the key or need a spare, you can contact us, and we will make the duplicate using the original as a blueprint; if the original key is not available, our equipment allows us to make a duplicate from the car lock. The cost of cutting a duplicate key is much cheaper than buying a new lock. We only use high-quality materials, so the keys you receive will last for a long time! We recommend each owner to make several copies of car keys; this is a wise decision to prevent such a situation as the key loss from becoming a major issue in the future. You don’t need a headache; think about all the time and nerves you can save if you have the spare key available right away! You won’t have to wait long to get your new, shiny copy of the key; we value our customers’ time and do our best to avoid any delays.


Intercoms have gained immense popularity and rightfully considered as one of the best solutions for access control to the apartments, offices and other kinds of premises. Residents can remotely operate the door lock allowing or restricting the access. Intercoms are usually installed for the ease of entry control and require a special kind of key. The service company provides a limited number of key copies. Each intercom has its unique code, which, of course, is transferred to the key and only with its help, you can enter the building. Intercoms access the contact memory, which is embedded inside the key to open the door. Therefore, choosing the right company for duplicating keys is a rather important matter, because at stake is not only your own safety but the safety of your loved ones as well! It doesn’t take much time to duplicate keys because our employees monitor the quality and speed of their work. That is why we can guarantee you excellent quality of the keys we make. You can order duplicate keys for the access control system with our company any time of the day, any day of the week. We will transfer the necessary information copied from the other key of your intercom into the memory chip. The whole job generally takes no more than 10 seconds. Our team has all the necessary tools for efficient service. Save yourself troubles, and get a duplicate in advance, so you have the spare key when you need it! We have a large selection of blanks for the keys and special automated equipment which allow us to easily produce the duplicate keys as quickly as possible. The specialists of our company have been involved in keys manufacture for many years and are well versed in all the intricacies of the process. Intercoms are now common in almost every city, and Birmingham is no exception; so if you need a duplicate key, feel free to contact our team. We will be more than happy to help you with any issues related to locks and keys.


Very often, clients come to our workshop with requests to make duplicate keys for their apartments; this is entirely normal. After all, there are many examples that can be the most commonplace, such as lost and forgotten keys, or perhaps, you were unfortunate enough to have the key stolen. There is a simple solution for all the above, make a copy of the key beforehand; we specialize just in that. Our employees already have extensive experience in the keys manufacturing business, and therefore will quickly make you a new key of any kind. We can make keys for the most complex locks using the latest equipment and methods. As for the prices, they depend only on the complexity of the lock and the number of key copies.


  1. We have all the necessary key blanks for the manufacture of different types of keys.
  2. We will make duplicates/copies of the key within 5-10 minutes.
  3. The company’s specialists have the skills to work with all types of keys for locks of domestic and foreign production.
  4. We offer the manufacture of any key available on the market: apartment keys (French, English), keys from furniture sets and mailboxes, laser cut keys, tubular, Finnish-type keys, etc.
  5. The cost of the service is much lower in comparison with similar companies, and the quality of work deserves respect!

Are you still worried about a broken key and don’t know where to find a reliable locksmith? Do you need more time to think? Well, let’s not complicate things! We will quickly make copies of non-standard and traditional keys for locks of any security class. Please, call us at +44 XXXXXXXXXX for a fabulous service! We would really like to hear from you and provide assistance in a difficult situation.


Faced with a vast selection of locks on the market, it is worth paying attention to such seemingly unimportant trifle as a key. After all, keys are something that is always with you; you carry them in your pocket or on a key chain, lose or give to other people. So which key should you choose? Locks and keys appeared a long time ago, the first such items known to historians were of wood, later, with the development of blacksmithing, it became possible to use metal in the production of the key. Since then, the development of technology has stepped forward and keys, like locks, today are high-tech devices, with electronics, intricate laser-cut grooves and, together with the appropriate lock, can provide reliable protection for your home against intruders. The so-called “English” model is considered to be the traditional and most widespread key in our time. The operation is based on the lever mechanism of the lock. The pins in a cylinder, when the key is inserted, line up in height and disengage the mechanism. The reliability of “English” keys is questioned today because such locks are poorly protected against picking.

The cruciform key is used in cylinders in which the pins are arranged in a circle. But despite their complex profile, such keys have a low resistance to burglaries; usually, you can open a lock with such a key using a simple screwdriver. The “Finnish” or disc key was invented by the Finnish company ABLOY. The cylinder uses a series of discs, which, depending on the angle of rotation, open or block the key. The shape of a key has characteristic grooves cut at different angles. Despite the difficulty of making such keys, the locks of this type are not very resistant to forceful picking.In the lever-tumbler locks, the levers are located in accordance with the arrangement of the teeth on the key. Such keys are much larger than English or Finnish models, and secrecy is ensured by the number and shape of levers. Also, the depth and height of the grooves on the lever keys contribute to the resistance against picking. The weaknesses of lever locks are that simple and cheap models can be easily drilled, so they should be additionally reinforced with armour plates.

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The service was excellent, very good gentleman arrived 20 minutes after the call, he was nice and professional and managed to open the lock without damaging my door. Fast and quality work. Thank you.
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Really fast and reliable. Effectively - a reliable company. They were responsive from start to finish. Cautious handling of a catastrophic situation. I will definitely recommend them, as they do not require the cost of services rendered.
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I had to call the locksmith when the old lock of my door finally broke down. The service was of high quality and very fast, and most importantly - at a reasonable price. The guy who arrived was unusually good and very qualified. Thank you for the excellent and efficient service.
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