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Every day, several times, we open and close different doors from the house, office, apartment, mailbox, garage, etc. We do this without hesitation, not thinking about small keys that help us in this. Only in case of loss or severe wear, we realize the importance of the key.

We have cut a countless number of keys over the years of service, including English, lever, tubular, perforated, cruciform types, copies cut using modern laser technology, as well as with the help of mechanical key cutting tools and more. We assure you that duplicates made in our workshop will perfectly match the original keys, fit the lock and operate without any issues! Finnish, or as it is sometimes called “semicircular” key, is found in the disc type mechanisms. The most common locks with such a cylinder are padlocks. But besides them, the Finnish key can be found in both mortise and surface-mounted locks. There are also double-sided Finnish keys. Tubular keys are found in the overwhelming majority of cases in coffee and payment terminals, in machines for snacks, as well as in various banking equipment, such as safes, electronic cashiers, cash boxes, etc.

Lever single-sided key is not very popular at the moment. It is a rod of a certain length and diameter, with protrusions of different height at the end. Duplicates of double-sided keys are more common and often found in front doors. A particular type of safe lever key is used exclusively with safes and metal cabinets. Usually, it has a hole in the rod. The peculiarity of such keys is their accuracy and high cost of the blank.

Cruciform key is in the shape of a rod with three or four working ends that can have different length and dimension. In section, the form of such keys is similar to a cross, hence its name. They can be used with mortice and surface-mounted locks. Key to the coffee and vending machines can also be cut in our workshop. Perhaps the most common type of locks on coffee machines of a past era are the small tubular keys. They have a shape of a small tube with grooves on the sides for code elements. Barrier keys stand apart from all other types due to their shape and non-standard notches. Cutting such duplicates requires not only special devices but also a certain experience. Our team has all the necessary components for the job.

We make EK333 key for EMKA locks, which are used on various electrical equipment, as well as on cabinets of different series. Blanks are always available, so in a short time, we can complete a batch from several hundred to several thousand pieces.


Keys for cylinder mechanisms with vertical milling have gained a lot of popularity. It is more convenient to use this key due to its reversibility and the number of code combinations; as a rule, it is higher in comparison with classic English models. Thanks to proactive sales managers, keys of this type are popularly called laser copies. In fact, there is no talk of any advanced technology here.

The most popular type of key is intercom since electromagnetic locks are found in every entrance. Our company has a vast number of intercom blanks, for one or another kind of device, as well as advanced equipment. We make intercom keys for almost any model.

The English single-sided key is the most popular type of keys used on door locks which can be both surface-mounted and mortice. The shape is flat with bits on one side. English double-sided keys are still flat, but bits are located on two opposite working edges of the key. Most often found on furniture and postal locks.

Laser key cutting

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