Antique lock repair


In our workshop, the repair of the fittings, latches and antique locking devices is included in the total cost of restoring old furniture and other items of the 19th and 20th centuries. We have been in the restoration business since 2012 and have repaired a countless number of different lock types.


Almost all antique furniture such as wardrobes, dressers, sideboards, secretaries, chests, even grand pianos is fitted with old solid mechanisms. They can be mortise, surface-mounted, latch type, secret and musical. The renovation of the furniture lock can be performed individually or as a part of the complex work order. In the antique mechanisms, all the moving parts fit tightly to each other. In particular, the moving parts of the chest lock equipped with metal springs of different thicknesses create a unique sound when they hit special rods while opening the chest. In the process, it may be necessary to disassemble the locking device, clean it, remove oxides, adjust parts and make a new key.

Antique furniture mechanisms have two types of reliable and perfect design. The first type uses a set of levers to prevent the bolt from moving inside the case; lifting the tumbler above a predetermined height allows the bolt to slide past. The key bit has grooves corresponding to the height and thickness of the lever plates. The process of making a key from such lock consists of cutting the grooves in accordance with the profile of the lever block. In the second type of design, the bolt is moved by the retraction of the locking spring. The latter appeared earlier than others based on the design of “French” locking mechanism in which the spontaneous movement of the crossbar was restricted by a spring. The prototype of the lever device was introduced by the British brothers Jeremy and Charles Chubb in 1818 under the name “detector” lock.

By the appearance of the front strip, the locking devices can be divided into brass and nickel-plated types, with oval and rectangular planks. Oval planks are commonly found on the antique European furniture produced in the mid-twentieth century. Nickel-plated planks became common in the early twentieth century.

Our specialists can repair a furniture lock for a wardrobe, table, chest of drawers, secretaire, watch, etc. Also, it is possible to make a new key from the locking device. In the renovation process, paying attention to the details is everything!  Only a scientific approach, proven technologies, authentic materials and specialists with practical skills can guarantee the best results. Despite the workload, our team strives to approach each client individually and provide high-quality service. We will do our best to justify the trust you put in us!

Antique lock repair

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