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Your door is a guarantee of your safety. It must be flawless in everything: made of durable material, installed in a solid box, equipped with good hinges. The installation of a reliable lock is the highest priority. Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe for replacing the locks. As a rule, different doors have unique physical parameters such as the weight, geometric dimensions, degree of wear. These characteristics are of great importance when you need to insert the locks. The same locking mechanism installed in different door experiences nonidentical loads, which means it will have different service live. In order for the lock to serve for a long time, it must be selected for specific operating conditions.


Installation of a new lock can be a cumbersome process; however, there are many situations that require it. One may want to upgrade from an older model to a new one which offers more features, some decide to change the lock because the existing model doesn’t fit with the overall design of the house, the change is also required in cases when the mechanism malfunctions and repair is not possible, professionals recommend replacing the locking device if the key was lost or stolen. Finally, you may simply want to improve the safety of your premises by installing an additional mechanism or by switching the existing one to a higher security class model.

Unfortunately, whatever lock model you choose, they are all subject to physical wear over time. The insertion of locks into iron structures is fairly common. Metal usually lasts for a long time, and often the locking mechanisms wear out much earlier than the door. The insertion of locks into wooden structures is even more prevalent. This is because it’s much easier to install the mechanism into the wood than the metal. Wood is an easy-to-work material that does not require expensive, specialised tools. Therefore, sometimes, the owners themselves can insert the locking mechanism into such a door, if they have certain skills. Installing a new lock is an easy task for a true professional. But if the door has been in use for some time, it is not always possible to replace the locking mechanism. For example, it can be challenging to align the insertion slot of the old mechanism with the slot of the new device. Such a mismatch can affect the aesthetic appearance of the structure or the functionality of the lock. Also, the insertion of the new locking mechanism is not always possible due to the insufficient thickness of the frame. Besides, it makes no sense to install locks in old, worn-out structures. Such a door, even with a good locking device, does not protect against burglary. A poorly reinforced frame and worn out hinges are factors that will allow an intruder to simply force his way into the premises. In such cases, it is recommended to keep the old mechanisms, after the repair, cleaning and lubrication. In general, to insert a new device at no extra cost, it is necessary to assess the degree of potential danger. The higher the risk of burglary, the more expensive the lock must be. The purpose of the front door is determined by two main functions: protection of the premises from environmental influences and protection from the intrusion of unauthorized individuals into your territory. And if the first function imposes conditions on the material of the structure, then for the second, the priority is a high-quality installation of the lock. First of all, you should decide on the type of locking mechanism. As a rule, inserting the device with a modern secret mechanism is better than installing a simple lock. The two most common types of locking mechanisms are lever and cylinder. Installing a new device in the overwhelming majority of cases poses a choice of these two types. Currently, there are decent models of imported cylinders on sale. In particular, the Italian company CISA presents its cylinder systems, which are well protected against burglary, thanks to the use of hardened steel elements.

Increased security requirements dictate the need to insert the mechanism of two different types. The insertion of lever type locking mechanisms raises the level of security of the front door to a significant degree, especially in terms of resistance to force in relation to the lock. Cylinder mechanisms will better protect from attempts to use a master key. It should be borne in mind that inserting a larger number of devices, three or more, is not recommended, as doing so will reduce the strength of the entire structure. There are also options on the market that combine two different locking mechanisms in one case. At first glance, such a product is expensive, but it still saves money compared to buying two different devices. In addition, inserting a combined-type device means preserving the strength of the structure and ensuring a greater degree of protection of the room at the same time. Trust the professionals.

Many people believe that anyone who knows how to hold an electric drill in his hands can insert a new lock. A decade ago, this statement had a right to exist, but nowadays, it has become the task of a professional because modern devices are a lot more complex and sophisticated than back in the days. Therefore, if you need to install a new locking mechanism into the door, it is better to call a qualified locksmith. It is especially important to promptly take care of the situation if the key was lost or stolen; there is an increased risk of burglary attempt. If you do this on your own, the process will require more effort and money, and the result may not meet expectations.

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