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Many people believe it isn’t necessary to insure their property against the invasion of burglars, considering it a waste of money. But even the most careless people at least once thought about the need for reliable protection of their own home and called a locksmith to the house for the installation of a reliable alarm, solid metal door and high-security, modern lock. Some even get huge dogs to protect a country house. However, all these measures without a door lock from the most reliable manufacturers, don’t give a noticeable effect.


Calling a locksmith to replace the lock in the apartment will save you time and money. Nowadays, finding a new, suitable model of the locking device or changing the lock is not a problem. A lot of advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet pleasantly surprise with low prices and loud promises of reliable protection. However, consumers already familiar with the pitfalls of the too cheap cost of a mechanism replacement service do not always risk getting involved with such offers.

Most often, through such advertisement you will find a private locksmith who prefers to work with cheap and low-quality products; the lock he installs not only won’t be able to resist the intruders, but it will hardly be able to survive more than a dozen of openings with a key. Moreover, you probably won’t be provided with any guarantees on the performed work.; that’s in the best-case scenario! In the worst case, a crooked man will leave a copy of the key for himself. Then, upon returning home one day, you will find that the low cost of work and the resulting savings definitely didn’t pay for the stolen equipment, jewellery and other things dear to the wallet and heart. To avoid such a misfortune, we recommend that you study various offers and read reviews of other customers before contacting a private locksmith. Turning to the specialists of our team is an excellent alternative and smart decision! We offer our clients only the best: experienced locksmiths, high-quality products and rapid response to the emergency. An equally important matter is the correct insertion of the selected lock. On a wooden front door, the owner may well be able to do it himself since the work does not require any special skills. But with a metal structure, you need the help of a real professional locksmith because the task gets complex. It’s not enough to just dismantle the previous lock and replace it with another. This kind of job requires careful measurements of the holes, so they correspond exactly to the locking mechanism, accuracy, specialized tools and knowledge to use them.

A modern lock has to meet certain requirements. It must:

  1. Reliably protect an apartment or office from unauthorized entry.
  2. Smoothly fall in with the overall design of the home without spoiling the appearance of the door.
  3. Give the confidence in your own safety, the safety of your property and the loved ones.

The extensive experience we have accumulated over the years allows us to perform all the necessary actions as efficiently as possible. The specialists will take care not to damage the property and to maintain the lock in working condition. We leave no signs of intervention behind such as scratches, dents and marks. Repair of the locking mechanism in the metal structure will not cause any harm to the visual perception of the property; only a small keyhole will remain visible on the surface, sometimes additionally protected by an armour plate.

The range of our products is represented by reliable lock models from the most famous and reputable manufacturers. Door mechanisms made of high-quality materials using the most modern technologies will become a real headache for burglars. An additional bonus is a large selection of armour plates that guarantee the protection of the core from being knocked out. Therefore, calling us is a choice of reliable assistance and products. We operate 24/7 and can be reached at 02038973393

Lock installation

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Excellent service. I called at 9:00 pm and he was here for an hour and finished changing the keys in my house by 11. Super professional and clean. I strongly recommend everyone who needs to change the locks. Excellent affordable price!
Jackson Walker
For the first time it was necessary to address to the mechanic, and this company was super professional! They answered immediately, despite the fact that it was late at night, came out in half an hour, as they said, and before I learned about it, I was no longer locked in my apartment. Thank you.
Chloe Addison
The locksmith worked quickly and efficiently. Standing in the freezing cold and in the rain ... soaked to the brain bones, I appreciated his quick decision when I was locked out of my apartment. He also gave me advice on how to make my home safer!
Luke Owen
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