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Are you locked out of the building? Need emergency assistance to gain entry into your house? Regardless of the reason that led to this situation, you should not try to open the lock yourself, as this can damage the entire door structure. It is better to entrust the opening of metal, wooden or steel door to a qualified locksmith. This will help you to save money on subsequent repairs associated with the results of non-professional service. If needed, we can repair, change or install a new lock on the same visit. It is also worth remembering that in order for us to proceed with the opening, you must have documents on hand confirming the ownership of the premises. If this is not possible, then we will gain entry only in the presence of your neighbour or the police officer.


Our company provides a wide range of services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. One of the main areas of expertise is the emergency opening of the door locks. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, our specialists can unlock even the most intricate mechanisms. In addition, you can contact our specialists with any questions regarding the installation or changing of locks. We will provide you with all the necessary advice. The prices will pleasantly surprise you because our goal is to build a broad base of regular customers instead of making a quick profit!


Currently, there is a vast number of various lock models on the market. Our qualified specialists have all the necessary skills and professional tools that allow gaining access in the shortest possible time. You just need to make one call, and the locksmith will arrive at the specified address within 25 minutes! We are available 24 hours a day and always ready to fulfil our duties. If you find yourself in front of the locked building unable to enter due to the locking mechanism, there is no need to rack your brain over the solution. It is enough to call us at 02038973393, and the dispatcher will immediately send a specialist to your house. Your emergency will be resolved quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

One of the main reasons why it is worth trusting our team is that we work as delicately as possible. The door will retain its appearance, and there will be no signs of interference. In the future, it will be enough just to replace the lock or repair it. We work according to well-established methods using the latest tools, which allows us to successfully perform work of any complexity level. Avoid trying to solve the situation yourself. Any actions you take may cause damage which will result in more work for the specialist leading to increased costs. It is practically impossible to open a metal or steel door without specialized tools and the skills to use them. Buying them for one-time use is unpractical. You should call us; we will do everything in our power to quickly gain entry and let you inside the building.


In the process of creating reliably protected and secure areas, the most important stage of work is the high-quality installation of the retaining structures. In other words, the job of replacing and installing locks is an essential part of ensuring the security of any room. This procedure requires a responsible approach since the safety of people and property depends on the quality of the work.

Each type of material has its own characteristics. One of the most critical points is the correspondence of the lock to the material from which the structure is made. When replacing a device in a metal door, it is crucial to choose a suitable design of the locking mechanism. The term of its operation and the degree of protection of your home depend on this. One of the advantages of our team is the ability to replace lock mechanisms with the most popular and reliable models of foreign and domestic production.

The locksmith will consult and give the necessary advice on choosing a suitable model. The replacement is carried out in compliance with the latest technologies since our employees have all the tools and means for high-quality installation. Thanks to this, the cost and time of the work are significantly reduced. How much does it cost to replace the lock? Answering this question, one should take into account the complexity of the work. All locks are different, so for the accurate estimate, the specialist first needs to assess the worksite and conditions. In any event, we guarantee competitive prices and professionalism of our employees! We always strive to make concessions to our clients and do our best to keep them satisfied with the quality of work. Cooperation with us guarantees the safety of your property!


Today there are many various kinds of safes. All of them are designed to preserve the items that are contained in them. Safe locks have different types of mechanical systems. Only a qualified safecracker can disengage a locked device quickly and damage-free. You may seek professional assistance for several reasons: from the loss or breakage of the key to the failure of the mechanism or damage to various elements of the safe.

Safe structures have high durability and resistance to mechanical stress. Therefore, opening safe locks is a challenging and complicated process. The main task of the specialist is to preserve the contents, as well as the subsequent reliable operation of all structural elements of the safe.

Our team operates round-the-clock. We work with all types of safes: office, bank, furniture, fireproof, etc. The specialists of the company use special equipment that prevents damage to the contents of the safe. They are standby in Birmingham to answer your call and can get anywhere in a short time. The amount of work depends on the security class of the safe and the complexity of the lock. We guarantee quality and confidentiality!

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The service was excellent, very good gentleman arrived 20 minutes after the call, he was nice and professional and managed to open the lock without damaging my door. Fast and quality work. Thank you.
Jackson Walker
Really fast and reliable. Effectively - a reliable company. They were responsive from start to finish. Cautious handling of a catastrophic situation. I will definitely recommend them, as they do not require the cost of services rendered.
Chloe Addison
I had to call the locksmith when the old lock of my door finally broke down. The service was of high quality and very fast, and most importantly - at a reasonable price. The guy who arrived was unusually good and very qualified. Thank you for the excellent and efficient service.
Luke Owen
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