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Upvc lock replacement

Door locks for the various UPVC products have standardized dimensions. Therefore, in most cases, you won’t have to hustle with adjusting them. However, plastic doors have several features that should be taken into account. The lock must be installed correctly; otherwise, it simply won’t function as it should. It is rather challenging to figure out exactly how to replace such devices on the door. Therefore, it is better to leave the task of mechanism replacement to professionals. A qualified specialist can get the work done efficiently and in the shortest possible time. In order to choose the right lock for a plastic window or door, you need to know about their characteristics and distinctive features. This is due to the fact that the methods for the installation of the locking mechanisms into UPVC products differ from the methods used for the doors made of other materials.


It is impossible to insert into the plastic door a locking mechanism designed for the products made out of metal or wood. Such an attempt will definitely damage the construction. In this regard, there are particular lock types for products made of plastic on the market. Such locks have a special size of the case, which corresponds to the width of the UPVC door allowing for the free movement of the locking mechanism against the glass or rubber seal. Mortise mechanisms are commonly installed in plastic doors to maintain an attractive and aesthetic appearance of the entire structure. However, if there is a need to provide additional protection against burglary, surface mounted mechanisms can also be installed.

There are many types of the devices on the market; to choose the right one, you need to take into account the location of the building, the reliability requirements of the security system and many other factors. Locking devices can differ in various design features that determine their functionality. It is crucial not only to choose the right locking device for a plastic product but also to install it correctly. You will encounter issues with the operation of the door lock if rules for a proper replacement are not followed. The best solution is to entrust your UPVC door to a professional who is well versed in the process, knows the installation methods and the design of a specific mechanism. An ordinary consumer is unlikely to be able to quickly get the job done without practical skills and specialized tools.  Call us at 02038973393for a qualified specialist; we will save you time, money and nerves! Please note, due to the design features, replacing the lock is not difficult, in contrast to its installation. You can easily achieve this yourself using a screwdriver.

The correct choice of a mechanism for your door depends on the conditions in which it will be used. If you choose wisely, it will serve for many years without any issues. For a balcony UPVC door, the most popular choice is replacing a regular handle with a mechanism that can be locked. This is not a difficult task if you just simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As mentioned earlier, it is more sensible to entrust the installation of complex systems to the specialists.

Several factors influence the duration of service life that can prolong or reduce it:

  1. The material of which the lock is made. It can be made entirely of metal or have plastic elements.
  2. Quality of the product. As a rule, cheap models have a reduced lifespan.
  3. Regular maintenance of the mechanism such as lubricating the parts and replacing them as necessary.
  4. Careful operation. For example, don’t use excessive force while turning the key; doing so can damage the cylinder.
  5. Influence of weather. If the door is located outdoors, the mechanism may be affected by precipitation, wind and low temperatures. Ice formations can damage the mechanism and make it unsuitable for further use.
  6. Use only original keys. Factory keys are made from quality materials.
  7. The number of times the locking device was opened and closed during the day. Frequent use leads to rapid wear of internal elements.
  8. Burglary attempts. Usually, intruders don’t care much about the damage they inflict.

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Upvc lock replacement

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