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Window lock replacement


UPVC window can be rightfully called the most optimal for installation in a modern house. However, many customers simply don’t think about their regular maintenance. Despite all its advantages, UPVC structure is subject to wear over time and can break, especially due to the incorrect operation. The same applies to the window lock, in particular to the fittings and other inner elements of the lock. Repairing a plastic window is a great way to return security features of the locks to their former functionality. As a rule, such locks are intended for:

  • Protecting the window from being opened by children.
  • Protection against burglars.


Most often, the restoration of plastic window mechanisms may be needed in several main cases:

  • If the lock was of poor quality.
  • If a person is involved in causing damage.

Besides, such work will allow restoring a correct operation of the window, since the mechanism is installed together with the handle, which means that if you do not take care of the issue on time, you can simply lose the ability to use the window normally. It should be noted that in any case, regardless of the cause of the malfunction, repairing will be much cheaper than a complete replacement of all the fittings.

Nowadays, only real professionals can be entrusted with the restoration of UPVC structures. This is because there is a huge variety of different lock types on the market, and each of them has its own design features. Even if some handyman specializes in a restoration of a certain type of the locking device, he can only disassemble the mechanism of a different design and simply won’t be able to put it back together. In such a case, the client will be forced to spend money on the purchase and installation of a new locking mechanism, since even a professional will not be able to restore the old one.

If you encounter even the slightest malfunctions in the operation of a plastic window, it is better to contact a specialised company. Such specialists are well versed in the design of all currently existing plastic structures, which means they will be able to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Only real professionals who have the necessary knowledge, extensive experience, practical skills and high-grade equipment can give a 100 % guarantee on the quality of the services which they provide. Proper techniques significantly extend the service life of the mechanism, and also completely exclude the possibility of any issues in the future.


You can choose a more impressive design of elements and hinge covers to better match the style of your house. In addition to improving the design, upgrading the fittings to newer models enhances the security of the premises. Correctly installed high-quality window accessories will give you peace of mind; you can turn the attention to other important things in your life. After proper adjustments, wind, rain and freezing temperatures will never again disturb your home. Our team will save you money, time and nerves.

Window lock replacement

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The service was excellent, very good gentleman arrived 20 minutes after the call, he was nice and professional and managed to open the lock without damaging my door. Fast and quality work. Thank you.
Jackson Walker
Really fast and reliable. Effectively - a reliable company. They were responsive from start to finish. Cautious handling of a catastrophic situation. I will definitely recommend them, as they do not require the cost of services rendered.
Chloe Addison
I had to call the locksmith when the old lock of my door finally broke down. The service was of high quality and very fast, and most importantly - at a reasonable price. The guy who arrived was unusually good and very qualified. Thank you for the excellent and efficient service.
Luke Owen
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